EZ Joker

A worn-out joker valve is no joke. If you don't replace it, you're faced with smelly raw sewage and harmful bacteria back-filling into your head. But in the process of replacing it, the same bacteria-laden brown water can spill all over you and onto the floor leaving behind a lingering foul odor.

Our patented EZ Joker not only protects you from coming into contact with raw sewage, it's also the only product in the industry that allows you to replace your joker valve in a fraction of the time WITHOUT USING TOOLS!


The EZ JOKER is a modular design that allows for different inlet and discharge configurations thus allowing the EZ JOKER to fit virtually any marine toilet. Once installed changing the Joker valve is as simple as turning the handle to the vertical position exposing the old Joker valve. With the EZ JOKER in this position the inlet and discharge is blocked so there is NO SMELL, and NO MESS. Then remove the retainer pull out and discard the worn Joker valve. Now drop in a new Joker valve and insert the retainer, rotate the handle back to the horizontal position and DONE! Notice you didn’t even need to use even one tool! 

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Fast Shipping available to the Continental United States along with a one-year unconditional warranty!