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How to Change a Joker Valve

Before EZ Joker, the only way to change the Joker Valve on your marine toilet, was to remove the waste discharge elbow where it’s housed — and take the gush of raw sewage like a man.

With EZ Joker, changing your Joker valve couldn’t be easier.

Let’s compare.


The Old Way

replacing joker valve old way

» Gather tools and safety gear

» Disconnect and remove the waste discharge elbow pipe

» Watch human waste spill on you and all over the floor

» Lose your lunch (optional)

» Remove the old Joker valve

» Clean up the raw sewage using chemicals

» Install the new Joker valve

» Reattach the elbow pipe

» Dispose of the waste

» Attempt to deodorize the boat


The EZ Way


» Grab your Joker valve


» Rotate EZ Joker a 1/4 turn and pull out the retainer


» Toss the old Joker valve and drop in a new one


» Put the retainer back and rotate EZ Joker a 1/4 turn

It doesn’t get any easier!

demonstration video - joker valve replacement

Watch our demonstration video to see for yourself.

Change Your Joker Valve the EZ Way.

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